Companies and Organisations

We are currently looking for:

  • Ties* 

  • Socks*

  • Old T-shirts*

  • Colourful wine bottle tops

  • Colourful thin cardboard (e.g. nice tea packaging, cards!)

  • Leather

  • Textile

  • Broken umbrellas

  • Broken jewellery

  • News paper

  • Buttons

  • Beads

  • Various craft tools and materials (scissors, pliers, pencils, paper, threads, iron...)

  • Old bath towels

  • Headbands (rigid plastic or metal one and also textile one)

*(even ones with holes in them)

The ReUsery would be happy to help companies reducing their waste while helping our charitable projects.

Example of things we reuse:

  • PVC banners

  • Large pieces of fabric

  • ​Boxes

  • Tools

  • Swatch books ...

Do you think you might have something

helpful for us?

Please get in touch.


Our drop-off point is:

Our studio when it's open, meaning the Wednesday during the Reuse, Meet and Craft session (term time only, 2pm to 5pm) and

when a workshops are happening (see programme to found out the dates)

If for any reason you can't drop off items feel free to contact us to see

if we can arrange a pick up.

Have you got something else to give?

Please get in touch.

Contacting us:

Find us:

The ReUsery's studio

upstairs at Bethesda Methodist Church, 134 Church Rd,BS5 9RB, Bristol (UK)

Non Profit Organisation

Reg #11630770