Let's reinvent The ReUsery:

The ReUsery is a young project which has shown lots of interest from the public and various partners.


We strongly believe that with the major climate crisis that we have to face it is important to exchange and learn techniques on how to reduce our consumption, our waste, save money, reuse things, protect the Earth and be creative!

The project has been created by a very motivated person (an upcycling maker too) and then like minded makers

and individuals have joined.

But today this person is leaving UK for the next step of sustainability (being as resilient as possible and growing food in the countryside) and the actual members are not enough to carry on the project.

Before resigning us to close the whole organisation we are spreading a call out for individuals, makers, workshop facilitators to create a new group to carry on a similar project.

It might not be under the same name, it might be a new structure or whatever but we would prefer to share our experience, to handover our tools and materials and possible to let you benefit from the cheap studio we have been running workshop in before stopping activities in February 2020.

So far we have been running the organisation on a voluntary based but we managed to get some incomes and pay some workshop facilitators and project coordinators for some sessions and special projects. We have more and more enquiries for sustainable workshops for festivals, community events, private events and businesses. More funding are now available for this kind of project but you do need a strong team to manage the whole process.

If you might be interested in meeting like minded people to possibly form a new group to run workshops, organise event, talk etc etc please join us on Wed 27th of Nov 7pm at our studio for an open meeting to discuss possibilities of collaborations!


Many thanks for supporting our work and please share the info!

Contacting us:

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The ReUsery's studio

upstairs at Bethesda Methodist Church, 134 Church Rd,BS5 9RB, Bristol (UK)

Non Profit Organisation

Reg #11630770