Zero Waste Family challenge


is a program of workshops, visits and discussions about the environment, consumption and how to reduce the quantity of waste in our everyday life.

Families have to weigh their waste at the beginning and at the end of the challenge. The family reducing their waste the most and the one with the lighter bin win a price (voucher in some Zero Waste shop, ticket to festivals, interview in local press...)

The challenge's duration may vary but usually runs over a 6 months period with about two meetings per month.

We organise this challenge for ourselves or for some partners (City Council, community group, waste company...). Challenges are tailored to the specific features of a territory and/or the organiser.


Other shorter formats are available.


Please contact us for any enquiry and more information about taking part.

If your family might be interested in taking part to such event please do register your interest here so we can keep you in touch and send you more information.

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